NAVIGATE/ENGAGE Expert Workshop 20-22 September 2021

Josh Weinberg (SIWI, Sweden)

Josh Weinberg presented work from the report, “Stop Floating, Start Swimming,” showing that 10% of GHG emissions can be attributed to four areas in water: water/wastewater management, peatlands, cultivation of rice, organic matter and nutrients in surface water. This demonstrates that better water management can lead to significant mitigation.  Climate action with water traditionally was focused on the technological solutions, but now there is a greater focus on nature-based solutions as well. There is a common thread of underinvestment in wastewater treatment. Worldwide, most wastewater is not treated and the potential for emission reduction from this source is likely underestimated. 

Josh Weinberg is a program manager at the Water Resources department at SIWI. He has global experience working internationally on a broad range of issues within water and environmental governance.  

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