NAVIGATE/ENGAGE Expert Workshop 20-22 September 2021

Pauline Scheelbeek (LSHTM, UK)

Health is linked to almost all other SDGs, and the lowest income countries are impacted the most when it comes to health impacts. Climate change mitigation can have a lot of health benefits, for example through the circular economic interaction between food and waste, which can have benefits like the reduction of hazardous materials. Another area with both health and climate benefits would be fostering a substantial reduction in animal-based diets in high income economies. However, a comprehensive change in policies is needed to accommodate such changes in consumer behavior and the UK’s National Food Strategy is an example of such broad commitment to changing the food system.  

Pauline Scheelbeek is an Assistant Professor in Nutritional and Environmental Epidemiology. Her main research focus is on the interactions between climate change, food systems and nutritional health. She aims to contribute to the evidence base around sustainable, healthy, and resilient food systems through analysis of food system data (including trade data), scenario analysis and health modeling. 

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