NAVIGATE/ENGAGE Expert Workshop 20-22 September 2021

Workshop Materials

September 22, 2021 Session 3: Bringing best practice policies of climate mitigation and SDGs to IAM scenarios

The NAVIGATE project includes a series of activities to sustain an exchange between NAVIGATE and key groups of academic experts, policy makers, and other stakeholders. The aim is to gather feedback on the design of the project’s research activities, the scope of analysis, the choice of the relevant IAM outputs and policy-relevant scenarios, and the needs for documentation and communication. The exchange is supported by organization of three workshops in which the workshop taking place between September 20-22, 2021 is the second workshop in the series.

The workshop brought together international experts and NAVIGATE/ENGAGE researchers for in-depth discussions around the following questions:

  • How to improve the representation of climate impacts and adaptation dynamics in IAMs?
  • How to assess the results of joint climate impact mitigation modeling studies?
  • What are the best practice policies that minimize trade offs and maximize co-benefits between climate mitigation and sustainable development goals and how can these be represented in IAM scenarios?

The first two sessions (organized by NAVIGATE) were steered on the first two questions. The third session, organized by ENGAGE, addressed the third question. In the third session, the ENGAGE project evaluated the representation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related policies in Integrated Assessment Models, identified example best practice policies from around the world, and discussed whether and how to include these policy representations in IAM scenarios. This page is a collection the third session presentations, their recordings, and final conclusions.

Please click here for the agenda.


  1. Workshop overview
  2. Overview of tradeoffs and synergies between climate policy and SDGs in IAMs Volker Krey (IIASA, Austria) and Jarmo Kikstra (IIASA, Austria),
  3. SDG policies in the IMAGE model Detlef van Vuuren (PBL, Netherlands),
  4. Modeling SDG interventions Bjoern Soergel (PIK, Germany)
  5. Energy Access Francis X Johnson and Rob Bailis (SEI, Sweden)
  6. Health Pauline Scheelbeek (LSHTM, UK)
  7. Biodiversity Simon Buckle (OECD, France)
  8. Food Herman Lotze-Campen (PIK, Germany)
  9. Water Josh Weinberg (SIWI, Sweden)
  10. Workshop key takeaways

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