NAVIGATE/ENGAGE Expert Workshop 20-22 September 2021

Energy Access
Francis X Johnson and Rob Bailis (SEI, Sweden)

The presentation focused on clean cooking (household energy policies) which is connected to other SDGs and often a forgotten topic. However, particularly in developing regions this is an important topic. The speakers presented work based on using the GCAM model, showing that both forest stock and (sustainable) biomass use can increase in parallel under a sustainable land use policy. SEI is also working with the WHO on a repository that can be a central location of information that can support policy making. Rob Bailis discussed two best practice examples including Indonesia’s kerosene subsidies and India’s PMUY scheme also involving subsidies from kerosene to LPGs.  While these policies were generally considered successful, there are still many challenges. Rob noted that the high cost of cleaner cooking options, even when subsidized, were still a barrier to access and regular use.  Furthermore, while LPG is cleaner, it is a fossil fuel and inherently unsustainable though still considered the best near-term solution.  

Francis X Johnson is a Senior Research Fellow at the Stockholm Environment Institute. His work focuses on environmental impacts, social-technical innovation, policy analysis, market development, institutional design, and governance mechanisms across different scales and sectors 

Rob Bailis is a Senior Scientist at SEI US. His research focuses on the relationships between energy, social welfare, and environmental change in developing countries.  Rob’s current research focuses mainly on biomass energy, ranging from traditional energy carriers like wood and charcoal to advanced liquid biofuels. 

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